The well-being of seniors and disabled customers is a matter of honor for ProHoiva. With every encounter, we want to create a safe and joyful atmosphere for our customers.

You have taken such good care of me and I don’t know how I would have done it without your help!
– 92-year old woman from Helsinki

I am finally being cared for by a functioning home care company, where things agreed on are working as they should. My ability to function has clearly improved after I started using ProHoiva.
– 64-year-old male customer from Helsinki

ProHoiva nurses have never failed to come and everything works well with them. I always feel good when you are with me.
– 71-year-old man from Espoo

I wish you could stay all day! My wife likes you and so do I.
– 81-year-old male customer from Vantaa