Services provided by ProHoiva

Do you or your family member need a reliable and safe in-home service and home nursing?

In ProHoiva we offer you comprehensive care and home care service with dignity. In addition to In-Home Service and Home Nursing, the services also include pedicure, personal assistant services, and home cleaning services, safely and warm-heartedly.

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Home Service
Personal assistant
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Home Nursing
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Joy circle
In-Home Pedicure
Home Cleaning

Come to work for us

Are you interested in independent and versatile work with a growing and efficient team? Would you like to bring joy to the elderly and the disabled, to support their stay at home, to provide them good and safe everyday life?

If your answer is Yes,

You are probably a great candidate for ProHoiva work team. We offer our clients high-quality home care, home health care, home help services and other services that support everyday life. The applicant must have a degree from social and health care, i.e. a nurse, a gerontologist, a socialist, practical nurse or other equivalent degrees.  The work is also suitable for students who have completed their internship with the elderly.

Before submitting your application, we hope that you have read our company values, plans for monitoring and the applicant’s privacy policy.

Send open application with salary request and CV, We will contact you and check the suitable tasks with you according to your requirements and eligibility, considering the goals of your professional development.

Please feel free to contact us by phone 0445358019 on weekdays from 12:00 to 14:30 or by e-mail:

The work takes place at the customers’ homes in the metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa), which is why driving license is considered an advantage, but not compulsory. We appreciate good interpersonal skills, joy, and willingness to serve.

    Additional information:

    ProHoiva has my permission to use my information for contact purposes.

    I have read ProHoiva's työnhakijarekisteriseloste and hereby approve that my information can be saved into the register."

    Delight with a home service gift card!

    A home service gift card is a nice and personal way to remember a friend, spouse, parents or grandparents. With ProHoiva’s home service gift card, you will happily surprise your friend when it’s time to celebrate!

    A gift card can include any home help, personal help or home care.

    The price of a gift card can be noticed in the tax deduction for domestic services!