As they get older and their condition deteriorates, many elderly people or their loved ones become afraid of how they will manage at home. The hearing may be impaired, the memory is no longer the same and the movement is no longer as stable. Home care support services are specifically designed to ensure that a weakened physical condition is not an obstacle to living at home, but that you can live there as long as possible.

ProHoiva operates in the capital region as a city-approved service voucher provider.

A service voucher is a payment commitment granted by the City. You can use it to pay for private care services provided by ProHoiva. The public social welfare and healthcare services oversee their own municipal residents’ care, and in case where the public sector is unable to fulfil the care, the client may be is issued a Service vouchers which give you the option to choose and obtain public care services from private providers like from ProHoiva Oy (Ltd). 

Some services vouchers cover the entire cost of the care while some cover a part of the service cost, this is a co-payment solution in which the service fee is partly paid by the municipality and the client pays the difference. Prior to the start of the service, a service agreement will be made about the reasons for the service, service fulfilment, amount of the service fee charge and amount covered the service voucher.  

A service voucher can be granted if the need for help is regular at least once a week and for more than two months. The service voucher can be used to pay for part of the service that the customer needs.

The service voucher can be used, for example, in connection with the following services offered by ProHoiva:

elderly home care

home cleaning

care given at home by family care support for people over 65 years old

personal assistant services

The municipality determines the value of the service voucher, and the payment for the service ordered at home for the amount that exceeds it remains to be paid by the customer himself. The service voucher is intended for a specific service. These services may include house cleaning, home care, a carer’s day off or personal assistant services. When you have received a service voucher or otherwise want help with your home, we will be happy to visit and discuss the ways in which we can best support you or your relative living at home for as long as possible.