The founder’s story

The founder of ProHoiva is Promise Nwagu. He moved to Finland in 2003, when he worked as a nanny. Promise has trained in Finland as a home care nurse and as a Bachelor of Business Administration.

He has work experience in the field as a night patrol, in private home care, hospice care, and as a shift worker at various hospitals in the capital region.

ProHoiva was birthed out of Promise’s desire to produce high-quality home care for customers and to create a good workplace for caregivers. The founding idea of the work is that everyone has the right to a dignified life, regardless of illness or external circumstances.

At ProHoiva, we believe that nurses who enjoy their work enable a better and more genuine customer experience with their presence. It is really important for us to create a safe working community and to constantly improve the quality of our customer work. We want to offer professional care and service, with the core value to bring joy and security to people’s everyday life.

“An entrepreneur must have a good business idea and the ability to envision the future.” – Read Promise’s article with Super Lehti


What is ProHoiva’s vision?

We are a family business and the operations are jointly managed by Promise and his wife Nora.